A scoring companion to track, save and share shot progress and performance.

Written by an archer who needs to get weekly performance info to his coach. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the app, such as needing a particular target, please get in touch!

Update 18 November 2015 - Support Inquiries   
I've had a couple of target requests, but they weren't descriptive enough. For example, someone wanted a Hunter's Target, but didn't say what size! If you have a specific feature or target request, please leave your email in case I have follow up questions. You can always get in touch a second time for clarification in case it seems I'm not being responsive, but do leave me a way to contact you.

Update 26 June 2015 - Version 1.3.5 released   
Made a number of general usability improvements, such as adding the date to a new Session's name and providing for device-specific export options, and added an iCloud backup feature.

The iCloud backup feature is good for switching between devices, and will also allow you to restore deleted targets. However, it can't backup pictures you've taken of the targets. In the next rev, you'll be able to import Album pix for the Sessions instead of having to rely on just the camera.

There has been interest in customizing targets. I plan on providing a "techie" way to alter targets, as they are defined in JSON, and so are easily editable.

There has also been interest in vitals/3D style targets. Unfortunately, the calculations in the app are based on circular faces. Once I get in-app target customization going, I'll look at expanding hit tests to arbitrary forms.